The bottom line at Fancart is creating a life and
art,everything else becomes secondary.

Hi there:

I am Tina King. Since I was big enough, art and the background knowledge are special interests to me.I kept
thinking “what is the better things I can offer?”

Few things make me happier than looking at the objects to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I have a feeling you love seeing creative things, too. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about something fabric arts.Decoration has been used all over every corners of the lives of human beings, especially to the person with artistic or literary interests. Think about the stationery and books, it’s probably the objects we use the most in our art and spiritual life. Vow to create a practical and pleasing product in daily life, I collected the ideas from many creative friends around me.  Last, by many experiments and careful design, each of our products representing different styles and to show the world the perfect present!


‘Service’ is just as important as ‘Software’. A great product isn’t enough to win, and the most successful Fancart company are those that make their customers successful. We strive to provide help, advice and insights in any way we can.